Our story

At Studio Mücke, we design and create clothing initiated by a love of design and a passion for our planet. Most of our clothing is created like an act of sculpture; draped on the stand.  This is paramount to our holistic approach followed throughout our entire business practices and helps us to feel our way through the design process. As yohji yamamoto once said, 'Are you listening?  The fabric has much to teach you.'*


Back in 2007, director Ellie MüCKE,  felt the need to create alongside a passion for people and the environment.  armed with a fashion degree from RMIT and a number of years experience travelling and working around the world, Studio MüCKE was born. Being inspired to change the way we consume fashion and in the hope of fostering a healthier planet, Mücke started designing in a way that solved many of the issues pertaining to the current fashion system all at once. She began using recycled materials.  This placed no pressure on the textile industry to produce new materials; a huge source of problems pertaining to the industry begin here.  She also began designing in a way which engaged the user and the observer, thus initiating a conversation to begin around our current western culture of disposable fashion.  


We take pride in our customer service.  We offer custom made products so that you can tailor garments to your own needs.  Offering this personalised service, ensures your desires are met and is a very sustainable option by limiting unnecessary production.

Our garments are manufactured to the highest standards.  The sewing notions and tools are also of exceptional quality.



At Studio MüCKE we are passionate  about making things, taking care not to harm or be destructive in the process.  To us that means taking responsibility for the people who work for us by paying fair wages, knowing where our fabrics come from (currently almost all are up cycled/recycled) or making the most sustainable choices on purchased fabrics and running our studio on 100% GREEN power.

All our  products are produced ethically.

The Studio MüCKE range in made in-house and hence is produced without employing sweatshop labour practices.  We source the majority of our materials for manufacture from second-hand stores and charities.

A note to students: Studio MüCKE is only a very small business and we are therefore not accredited by anyone.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. 


*excerpt from Yohji Yamamoto, My Dear Bomb, LUDION, 2011



"Inspire creativity and positive action in people, have a beneficial ecological impact and keep the integrity of design by engaging holistically in the process. "

Ellie Mücke