Studio MüCKE creates one-off pieces using reclaimed garments.  Each piece is part of a collection of styles, whereby the shapes are the same, yet the fabrication for each individual piece is different.  Select from current pieces in our store here.  Or alternatively, have a custom piece made from our 'made to order' shop.

We believe in using high quality tools and equipment for making our garments, which is why we've decided to set up 'for the maker'.  The folks at Merchant & Mills really know what we're on about.  Check out their 'tools for life' here

We understand that not everyone can find something to suit them in our shop.  It's not always easy, when working with recycled garments, to have something for everyone, in all sizes.  That is why we are now offering you the opportunity to have your garments made to order.  We give you the choice to select colours, or you can leave it up to us once we know your size.  Go ahead.  Order a unique piece for yourself or someone you love!

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