5 Tips On How To Find Cheap Accommodation

Accommodations cover almost 40% of an individual’s budget annually, whether you are on lease or mortgage, in an overcrowded hostel or an expensive hotel, this particular expanse costs a great deal. But there are ways to look for a cheaper and quality mackay harbour accommodation anywhere on earth and save thousands of bucks yearly and without being dupe to any scam. Let’s have a look at these 5 tips on how to find cheap accommodation.

Rent an Apartment

Where a hotel can cost you $100 a day, an apartment costs $40 a night. But if you intend to stay longer, prefer to rent an apartment in the suburbs or a nearby town. Loads of options are available in this regard, it could be a tree house or a stylish apartment, a summer house or a private room. The rented apartments usually come fully furnished and if you get a hold of a larger space, you may share it with someone to cut more costs.

Become a Services Provider

Looking for cheap accommodation? How about providing your services and time against free lodging? Sounds good? The job requires mostly four hours of the day and it could be anything like house sit, Babysitting, pet sitting, working in a farm or garden, minor repairing job, supervision, etc. With more than half of the day in your hand, you may focus on your studies or any other business. So how to get your hands on it? Many websites offer access to such jobs. Get in touch with your host there and secure yourself a home.

Hospitality Exchanges

All you have to do is to create an extensive profile of yours mentioning all your interests and habits and someone with the same taste would offer you to stay with them for free in exchange for your company. A platform where you get to know a new culture and the traditions of the locals and your host takes you to places that have never been in any guide’s list. There are many forums like Couchsurfing, Hospitality Club and Global Freeloaders that help you interact with your new hosts and secure a place for you to live.

House Sit

Another opportunity to live and enjoy a fully furnished space for free is to house-sit. You are supposed to take care of someone’s property in exchange for living there. The stay may extend to several months if the owner is out in a foreign country or on vacation. Register yourself on house sitting websites, give reliable references and clear a series of interviews. A pretty easy process in exchange for free accommodation.

Home Exchange

Suppose, if you are traveling to another country and intend to stay there for a longer time-period. What you can do is that you swap your home in your home -country with someone who lives at the place of your check-in and gets their place to live, for free. Online marketing, references and word of mouth has made this exchange easy like never before. Certain levels of verification need to be fulfilled and you get to live in a place with all the amenities of home without paying for it.