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Ladies shirtDRESS

Our signature style since 2007, made from reclaimed men's shirts. Purchase here

Photography by Tomas Friml


Nespresso Dress Commission


 Studio MüCKE was commissioned to design and make a dress out of Nespresso capsules (and other recycled materials), as part of a campaign to bring about greater awareness of their recycling program.

Nespresso Boutiques, Melbourne
July 2013

 Nespresso's ecolaboration

Nespresso capsule recycling points

_utility at STOCKROOM


a group show with Akira Akira, Carly Fisher, Elaine Miles, Ellie Mucke, Ess Laboratory, Jason Waterhouse, Kris Coad, Masha Moje, andWelfe. Curated by Kent Wilson.

A Craft Cubed Festival event for Craft Victoria

98 Piper Street, Kyneton, VIC
Until 2nd Sep 2012

MüCKE Pops up at Ramona Tienda


MüCKE has popped up at a cute little store in North Melbourne for two weeks.  We love Ramona's space and hope you can get a chance to check it our before the closing date.

113 Errol Street North Melbourne, VIC
Until 9th September 2012

Stringing Things Together


Milly Sleeping Presents their very first jewellery exhibition, at Von Haus in Melbournes centre.  The show brings together the work of 7 designers and is presented for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.  Contributing designers are: Allys Ellen, Alexi Freeman, Anna Varendorff, Deirdre Hoban, Jasmina Krupic, Maripossa, studio MüCKE.

Von Haus, upstairs. 1A Crossley Street, Melbourne, VIC
Aug 31- Sept 29

SHOP till you DROP!


Our new space is evolving...a space to, YippEE!

It's another SLOW project.  Slow Fashion. Slow making. Slow shopping (well quite fast actually, only you have to wait for the old fashioned postie.  We like that!)  Support your local postie and shop ONLINE!

the SHOP

Studio-MüCKE Blog


The MüCKE Blog is an ongoing project.  I call it a project as that is exactly what it is.  It is a more interactive space than this one, where we can share things with you from behind the scenes.  It is also a space where we ask for your input, comments and suggestions. It is a space that will become better over time, as it evolves and thats why we're calling it a project.  If you'd like to become a follower, click on the link on the right hand side of the Blog page.

Disposal of Mücke garments


If the time has come to discard of your old MüCKE garments don't despair. By heading down to the Clothing Exchange with a bunch of your old fashions you can find some new items to replace them! Check out their website for details.



My mother is an art teacher and my father is a fine wood-turner. I grew up nourished by art and craft. Over time, I realised my need to create alongside my passion for people and the environment, inspired the desire to change the way we consume things. These creative passions, in the hope for a healthier planet, led me on a journey to discover sustainability and design. Sustainable design is a way of making things that focuses on quality and the processes involved in creating a life's work. I believe that when this focus is on monetary profit you loose sight of what it means to be designing things that are sustainable.

Mission Statement

'Inspire creativity and positive action in people, have a beneficial ecological impact and keep the integrity of design by engaging holistically in the process.' This is MüCKE's Mission.

Quality production, ideas and positive action are integral to the MüCKE label. With a highly ethical approach to business since its' conception, sustainability for now and for the future are key drivers in this business. In striving to provide products of the highest quality from design through to manufacture, MüCKE ensures it's products have minimal impact on the earth. Sweatshop-free manufacturing is pertinent and the re-use of old materials to make new items, illustrates the desire for a cyclical rather than a linear system. The cyclical system represents a holistic approach to business and imitates the biological systems of the natural world. At MüCKE we re-use or re-cycle all material waste, minimise water usage where possible. As we grow our goal is to continue making positive change by respecting the processes of production, the planet and its people. This means being responsible for our products throughout their entire life cycle, from conception to end-life and back again.


MüCKE garments available from:

Milly Sleeping

157 Elgin Street, Carlton, VIC
+61 3 9347 1333


5/159 Smith Street, Fitzroy, Australia
2/178 Chapel Street, Windsor, Australia
+613 9415 9700 / +613 9510 0155


98 Piper Street, Kyneton, VIC
03 5422 3215

MüCKE accessories available from:

Craft Victoria

31 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia
+613 9650 7775

Since Grey

122 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy
9416 0458